We believe in the extraordinary, healing power of nature. Hemp is an authentic product of Mother Earth, dating back centuries. The healing properties and benefits are phenomenal. Traditional, western medicine is beginning to acknowledge what holistic healers have known for years."Hemp's healing properties are miraculous." It is our desire to Feel Better Together.

Better Together Health is a cooperative of people and companies involved in all aspects of the medical Hemp revolution.   
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​This ain't no NY City!

With the booming market for hemp and CBD products, the North Country is positioned to become a leader in the production of Hemp.

We currently have over 1000 acres in our NCNY Hemp growers Co-op and are working with local Farmers to 10k (+) acres for 2020.





We are currently involved in building an extensive Hemp farming Co-op and production infrastructure in Norther NY for this newly public company. With a decade of experience  and extensive resources in the production Hemp products ARC is positioned to be a leader in medical hemp.


Highly Distributed Network Processing, leaders in High-Risk Merchant Processing Technology
Professional Outfitters and Big Game Experts